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by Umlomo

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released March 21, 2013

Written/Produced/Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Umlomo
In a bedroom
In London

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Umlomo UK

Musician & Artist based in London. for updates.


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Track Name: #60
Get up, get your feet on the ground
That's how it has to start
You can't
The pain weighs too much
You lie, and bury your face in the dark

You know, what you've got everyone has got
We're all waiting
We survive
We slowly fall apart but

Get up, fix a smile on your face
Ignore all the endings
Even though we all end up the same

Connect and give her the secrets of your heart
Let go and let him know he's the only one you'll ever love
Hold whatever vague belief keeps you from feeling
The passage of time
Time racing to stop your heart

Pretend pretend pretend my friend
Anything to keep living
As if your life will never end

There's no hope for more to come
This here is all there is
What your eyes can see
What your hands can touch

I've found the things that give me peace
That's what I'm chasing before the circuits die in me

Beauty and light...
Track Name: #51
Let's end at the beginning okay
With all the things that I should've said, but I couldn't
I've tried to show you in other ways
but you've made it clear that you won't listen

Light Is an important gift
You can't exist all alone in the dark no
But I think that I probably can
So let me be your prism, Bend your light through me

Don't think I can handle this
I didn't expect to have to open my heart
You've always carried pain with you
I haven't changed, I'm not falling apart
I'll never change, I'll never fall apart for you

I have no time to split between all this and you
But you persist so I lead on
After all you could've been anyone
You're a fool to hang high hopes on such small things
I'm letting you know
It will always be this way


I will disappear one day
I already do in spirit and you've seen it
I'm never there no matter what I say
I'm dying to let you be the one who breaks this

I'll never clear my head
This all will never end
There will always be a hole
Track Name: #61
You're okay

You're doing just fine